Why We Care So Much

David A. Goldberg February 17, 2017

I cannot imagine what others are or have gone through dealing with this terrible disease. I know the challenges that have presented themselves to me and my family over the past few months and wouldn’t wish them upon anyone. Truth, I feel like the lucky one. My brothers and I have gotten the best father the Universe has ever offered, I truly believe that. While that knowledge allows me to truly appreciate what I have, I can’t help but hurt for what realities might take from us in the future.

Everyday, I wake up asking myself what I can do. What can I do to help my dad? What can I do to help my brothers? What can I do to make any part of this experience easier for others?

Its the last question that always gets me. Nothing we can do at Curos will make what you are dealing with go away. We cannot cure or prevent cancer. That said, what I do believe is that we can support every human body as it fights this disease and others through the intelligent use of holistic care, in particular micro-nutrient supplementation.

I know how much time, how much energy, how much effort I spent trying to figure out this one piece to the puzzle. All of that time was time spent away from being with my dad, being family, talking, joking, doing, living and experiencing together. We care because we want you better. We believe part of being better means being able to enjoy as much of the time we have together as possible, not being caught up in the ‘administrational’ duties of trying to support your health, and the health of those you love. Simply put, there has to be a better way.

My hope is that for every hour we put into our work, can give you an hour back of time with those you love by saving you from the ‘administration’ of research, ordering, filtering and making sense of.

We care because this matters.

We care because we believe a healthy lifestyle matters.

We care because we know what it means to be scared, overwhelmed and desperate.

We care because we believe we can make a meaningful impact.

We care because we want to help you and those you love feel better.


David A. Goldberg
Hi! I am the Founder + CEO of Curos. I believe in living as your Highest + Best Self, I love my family, I love my friends. Curos is more than a business to me, its a purpose. That purpose is to do everything I can to help us all live healthier, happier, longer lives so we can spend more time doing the things we love with the people we love. You will hear from me often because I care. I will ALWAYS try to make things easy and I guarantee they will always be backed with Science, Research and Integrity.
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