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How To Start Meditating Today Easily With Real Results

David A. Goldberg December 4, 2017

How To Start Meditating Today

You can easily start meditating today and see the results immediately. When I started learning about meditation it was overwhelming and confusing not to mention hard.

Over the many years I have been practicing I have learned a number of things that I often share with people who ask me ‘how do I start meditating?’ I have shared some of my insight in the video and below a few bullet points to help you on your way to becoming a meditation machine!

#1. Just Start and Don’t Judge Yourself

First and foremost, meditation is a practice. Think about your ability to ‘get good’ at meditating as something that will take time and will only come with practice. Don’t worry if its hard at the beginning, just keep moving through the process. Commit to your practice everyday even if its for 5 minutes.

#2. It’s Practice for The Real Game

We practice meditating so we can become better at living life. “Better” in this context means calmer, happier, less stressed and even more focused. When we meditate we are training our mind to pay less attention to outside (or inside) stimulus, things that come up which intend to throw us off course.

#3. You Can Meditate Anywhere at Any Time

Meditation does not need to be practiced solely in a seated position in a quiet room with legs crossed. You can actually practice meditation anywhere at anytime. Very advanced meditators will say that they are meditating everywhere at all times. That is primary because of #2 above. Keep in mind that #1 is true even with the most advanced practitioners (probably even more so) – that said, if you are just getting started, you can literally take 15 seconds close your eyes and count out 5 inhales and 5 exhales. You will feel better! Work your way up, make meditation fit into your lifestyle but be sure to make it apart of your lifestyle.

Here is a great breathing meditation from the Dali Lama:

Transcript: How To Start Meditating Today

Speaker: Hi guys. So wanted to check in here as I go for a walk in very beautiful and very sunny South Florida while I am down here for holidays with my parents and my brother and some extended family and I wanted to address something that is very close to my heart that comes up all of the time and in particular something I am really thankful for that often times I think is very misunderstood, especially by people that are just learning the practice and that is meditation.

So when I got involved in learning about meditation is probably about twelve years ago when I was exposed to it through my yoga practice and I think it was teed up to me completely wrong. It was teed up to me as something where you sit in a quiet room and you have your legs crossed and your hands in the certain position and you think about nothing and fortunately over many years there have been incredible advancement through technology that have opened people’s eyes and horizons to what medication is and how to learn about it through incredible apps like headspace which f you haven’t checked out, I recommend it for anybody that just starting or even people who have pretty advanced meditation practice. It’s a great new tool to use.

But for those of who that are just starting like I was a couple of years ago; I just want to address the biggest misconception that I found related to meditation and that is when you are practicing meditation, it’s a practice in order to bring into your life full time. What does that mean? So it means unlike a sport where you practice basketball you are not trying to use basketball every day and every moment of your life, right. You are practicing it to get better in a very specific circumstance under very specific conditions. When you are on a court with the hoop and a ball and some friends playing a game.

Now the game here when we talk about meditation is really a game of life and the practice of meditation is the work that we do whether it’s in a seated position with our legs crossed and our hands in certain Mudra or position or it’s lying down or it’s doing what I am about to do which is a walking meditation or a music meditation; in that practice what we are trying to do is to train our minds and to train our bodies in terms of how we deal with stimulus that comes up in our everyday life. And in this case the game is life, right? So all of the time we have things been thrown at us by friends, by family, by work, by circumstances like traffic or not getting a reservation or anything, right? That have the opportunity to throw us off the place of calm, the place of peace, the place of joy, the place of happiness and in the game of life although I will not project that I know the meaning of life, I certainly think that one of the keys is trying to be as happy as you possibly can be and certainly being happy and being calm go hand in hand.

So the biggest misconception to me was again this idea that in meditation, in your practice of meditation it has to be you sitting down with your legs crossed and your hand in a specific mudra. The reality is that the practice of meditation can happen anywhere and anytime, and the challenge is how you interpret the situation you are in, how you immediately respond and how you make your responses calmer, more thought out and ultimately enable them to impact you less, especially when there are things that are negative stimuli like a traffic jam or whatever it might be.

So during this holiday season we are all thankful for things. Probably the thing I am most thankful for is my meditation practice because it has taught me and continues to teach me so much about how I can be better every day and I would encourage you guys to look at some of the videos that I post below and new ways that you can try to meditate that are unlike this seated position, legs crossed mudra thing. Hey guys. I am saying hi to some strangers who are walking beside me and see what it does for you, see how it makes your life better and certainly I can tell you from my personal experience that the ability to control my stimulus and my response to things has made me better. A better person, a better friend, a better brother, a better business person, quite literally a better everything; so I am very thankful for it and it’s my pleasure and I am so grateful that I get to share it with you during this holiday season.

So I look forward to seeing you guys again soon and check out the links below or in the article that I will post so that you can hear some more of my thoughts and other different tools that you can use. Have a good day.

David A. Goldberg
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