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Our Difference

Curos guarantees premium quality while saving time, money and energy.

The CEO's Promise
100% Money Back Guarantee
I personally guarantee you will love Essential.
Curos isn’t about money to me, its about
actually supporting your optimal health.
If you aren’t satisfied within 30 Days,
I will refund you in full.


Don’t take our word for it - the Curos community is talking!

“Since I started taking curos my energy level and mental clarity has taken off. I feel fresh and more rested and emotionally comforted knowing I'm putting the right things into my body every day. I used to take a smorgasbord of vitamins but now it's just the Curos and I feel like the sum is greater than the parts.”
- Adam S. New York, NY
“I tried Curos hoping it would help give me the energy to keep up with my busy schedule. It's absolutely exceeded my expectations! I've been able to cut back on coffee and pack more workouts and hours into my day. I'm a huge fan of doing everything you can to support your well being and I'm happy to say that Curos is now a part of my daily routine. Thanks guys!”
- Ana K. Orange County, CA
“I am not the type of person that writes reviews, usually I just read them. When I told a friend that I wanted to start taking supplements because I became vegan about 5 months ago, they suggested I try Curos Essential. I ordered it not expecting much. Within five days I actually felt better. I didn't even feel 'bad' before, somehow I just felt better! Way less fatigued, having better workouts and felling less stress. I am obsessed #swoon.”
- Sarah B. San Francisco, CA
“I am a professional photographer, often my work will keep me in remote parts of the mountains for days at a time. It can be grueling. Curos Essential has been immensely impactful in my life and work. I feel more sustained energy, more alert and more focused, truly supporting me in doing what I love. Having taken supplements for 15+ years, this is the best product I have ever taken.”
- Phil S. Boulder, CO

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Quality Guarantee

What are the additives that other companies use? Why doesn’t Curos use them?

Most companies use binders, lubricants, coatings, and disintegrants as manufacturing aids. Many tablets contain artificial colors, artificial flavors and binders like magnesium stearate, which can inhibit the body’s ability to absorb the active ingredients. Here at Curos we are dedicated to using the purest products, without unnecessary fillers, colors, or flavors.