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Laugh From Your Gut, Cry From Your Heart

David A. Goldberg January 10, 2017

My brothers and I grew up with a dad who told it like it was, in plain English and with heavy intention.

Among dad’s favorite pearls of wisdom was: “laugh from your gut, cry from your heart.” What he meant was: the more we feel– the more joy we experience and the more sadness we allow– the greater our opportunity for fulfillment. The measure of our years is much more than the bottom line in our bank accounts; it’s the accretive accounting of the depth of our human experience.

My dad’s journey has only made this more real for my brothers and me. Stoicism was not the way of our house: allow yourself to experience the full height and depth of your emotions, so that you can actually live. The more days I see in my past, the more clear it becomes: the hardest emotions are the ones that etch the most beautiful canyons and valleys of our being. By embracing the chiseling experience of sadness, hurt, pain, anger, heartbreak and disappointment to their fullest, we can fully manifest our capacity to feel the breathtaking highs of all the good that life brings us.

My hope is that we all find the strength to revel in and fully internalize the most difficult of our emotions; to find the path between not cutting that valuable experience short, while being mindful not to cross into that space of ‘dwelling’ on the rough patches.  After each set of heartfelt tears and spell of sadness, may we allow ourselves to be consumed by the love in our lives– which is usually right in front of us, if we only rotate the prism slightly.

The idea to build Curos came to me only because of how overwhelmingly angry, sad and afraid I was. The actual creation of Curos came out of pure love.

David A. Goldberg
Hi! I am the Founder + CEO of Curos. I believe in living as your Highest + Best Self, I love my family, I love my friends. Curos is more than a business to me, its a purpose. That purpose is to do everything I can to help us all live healthier, happier, longer lives so we can spend more time doing the things we love with the people we love. You will hear from me often because I care. I will ALWAYS try to make things easy and I guarantee they will always be backed with Science, Research and Integrity.