Our Top 10 Favorite Healthy Box Subscriptions
September 13, 2017
Living your healthiest life isn’t always the easiest task (we see you, happy hour). Luckily, quite a few brands want to help make it less difficult for you to eat right, get your fitness on, and take care of your body from head to toe. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite healthy box subscriptions—now go on and enjoy your monthly gifts! UrthBox Finding snacks that check off a list of...
The Coffee Diet: Too Good to Be True?
September 5, 2017
There’s been a ton of buzz recently talking about “the coffee diet,” so we wanted to get down to the what’s what when it comes to coffee.   Is coffee actually good for you? According to Jaclyn London, R.D., New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN) and Nutrition Director at Good Housekeeping, there’s a whole host of research that supports the health benefits of coffee. “The USDA/DHHS recommends 300-400mg. of caffeine per...
Meet Dina Kaplan, Founder of The Path
August 23, 2017
Before meditation started to become trendy on the East coast, Dina Kaplan, an avid meditator and world traveler, founded The Path, a weekly, modern-day meditation gathering held throughout New York City.  Today, the community has become part of the larger wellness movement and even launched a teacher training program.  Here, Dina discusses her spiritual journey and quest for making a peaceful impact on busy New Yorkers. You were one of...
5 Steps to A Successful Digital Detox, According to A Psychologist
August 16, 2017
Fact: The internet is basically a black hole. One minute you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed and the next thing you know, three hours have passed by—and you haven’t gotten any work done.  Of course, powering down your phone or laptop is easier said than done. After all, you can’t just not check your e-mail, see what your friends are up to on Snapchat, or keep up-to-date with the news,...
10 Signs You May Be Vitamin D Deficient, According to A Naturopathic Doctor
August 2, 2017
In the modern world we live in, where everyone is inside watching Netflix and playing on Instagram all day, almost everyone is Vitamin D deficient.  However, there are certain symptoms you might be experiencing that can be signs that you’re more Vitamin D deficient than the average person. Trust us, once you realize that taking a high-dose of a vitamin D supplement can fix everything, you’ll be wishing you figured...
7 of Our Favorite All Natural Snacks You Can Eat On-the-Go
July 28, 2017
Thankfully it’s “in” to know what ingredients are used to make the food we put into our bodies. The commercialized food industry is now finally starting to follow suit by delivering satisfying varieties and flavors without the use of dangerous, and sometimes toxic, artificial ingredients. Now we can stroll through our local supermarkets freely and find real, all-natural food items that we can feel good about.. Here are some of...
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