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Vitamin K2

500 mcg


Found In

Green Leafy Vegetables — Collards, Green Leaf Lettuce, Kale, Mustard Greens, Parsley, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Swiss Chard and Turnip Greens

Why Vitamin K2

Supporting role in blood health, bone strength, and regulation of blood calcium levels.

Why Vitamin K2?

K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin that support a role in cardiovascular health, blood health, bone strength, and regulation of blood calcium levels. This vitamin which supports so much, is found in unlikely places including full-fat cheese, beef liver and eggs.

K2 is among the most well researched nutrients due to it’s known cardiovascular benefits. Additionally, it has a significant impact in the health of growing children, fertility, cognition (brain function) and even optimal dental health. The challenge is, it’s often very difficult to get enough of this nutrient naturally.

One other area of note related to Vitamin K2, is that it is produced by your microbiome. That is the healthy gut bacteria which is essential for so much within our bodies.