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Vitamin D3

2,500 iu


Found In

Spinach, Kale, Okra, Collards, Soybeans, White Beans

Why Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is one of the few supplements that gets no “pushback” from mainstream medicine: everyone is in agreement that you need it.

Cell-Cycle Arrest
Apoptosis Support
Support NK Cells

Vitamin D3

Why 2500 ius?

Vitamin D3 is one of the few supplements that gets no “pushback” from mainstream medicine: everyone is in agreement that you need it.  We at Curos are interested in it for it’s support of Natural Killer Cell function, as well as support of apoptosis and Cell-Cycle Arrest.

The tricky part is: How much do you need?

The answer comes in two parts:

  1. What should your serum (blood) levels of Vitamin D be?
  2. How much do you need to take, to get your blood levels to that number?

The naturopathic and “anti-aging” community have sometimes advocated for serum levels of 60ng/mL and above. However, Dr. Trutt gave a webinar in 2013 arguing as to why he felt that serum levels should not exceed 45 ng/mL.

The Vitamin D section of the webinar is 20 minutes long, and you can view it here:

The webinar was given to a group of M.D.s, and covers a lot of data quickly, but laypeople will still get the gist of it. The papers discussed in the video are linked in the references below. (Note that the above webinar was given in 2013; in 2014 another paper came out13 supporting the same conclusions, and that is linked below as well.)

Given that we do not believe you need levels above 45 ng/mL, we are then left with the question: how much you need to take to get to that number?

That is a trickier question, because (obviously) everyone is different.

Dr. Trutt practices in the Northeastern U.S., where nearly everyone he sees has Vitamin D levels below 35. However, even in Florida, Vitamin D deficiency is rampant. We all use sunscreen, which dramatically lowers Vitamin D production, and most of us stay out of the sun—even in Florida.

Therefore, we opted to use 2500iu per day in Curos. People that are truly deficient will likely need to supplement with extra vitamin D for a month or two, until their levels come up. Once you are at a level of 40ng/mL, 2500 ius should be adequate to keep you there.

(As an aside: in replaying this video from 2013, I hear myself declaring that the doctors I was speaking to were part of a small subgroup of M.D.s who had an interest in gaining expertise in the use of supplements. In the past few years, however, I’ve had the pleasure of learning from many Naturopathic Doctors, and I should acknowledge that all N.D.’s receive training in the use of supplements as part of their education.)