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Vitamin A

5,000 IU

Retinyl Palmitate

Found In

Carrot, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkins, Parsley and Bell Peppers

Why Vitamin A

Important for normal vision, the immune system, and supporting the heart, lungs, kidneys, to work properly.

Why Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is an important fat-soluble vitamin with incredible antioxidant effects. It is one of those ingredients where the importance of it cannot go overstated.

Beyond its ability to keep your skin looking clear and healthy, it is necessary factor in maintaining optimal health immunity and bone health.

If someone is Vitamin A deficient, the consequences are pretty severe. They include but are not limited to scaly skin and stunted growth all the way through to night blindness.

It is also important to note that it is possible to take too much Vitamin A which could result in other problems.

It is important you trust the source you are getting this product from and understand how much consideration they put into the dose.