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Found In

Leaves of the Lesser Periwinkle Plant (Vinca Minor)

Why Vinpocetine

Used to support blood, liver and brain health; fights brain-fog and forgetfulness leads to improved mood.

Improve Mood + Cognition

Why Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine comes from the flower of the periwinkle plant. The beautiful purple and yellow color should not kid you, this powerful ingredient is an excellent way to stay mentally sharp, and does so much more.

Beyond it’s ability to support neurologic health by beating forgetfulness and brain fog, it also has a significant impact in mental health including support of improved mood.

Like many ingredients which are on the scale of ‘greatness’, vinpocetine has benefits that stretch beyond one category of health.

In addition to the neurologic and emotional health benefits, vinpocetine also supports blood and liver health.