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Reduced L-Glutathione

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Naturally In Human Body, Supported by Consumption of Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Why L-Glutathione

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that consists of three key amino acids -- glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. Known as the "master" antioxidant, it plays a vital role in performance and optimal health.

Why Reduced L-Glutathione?

In its natural state, glutathione is produced in the liver where it aids in detoxifying processes. Based on its beneficial properties, Reduced L-Glutathione was developed, as it is designed to act as the active, reduced form of this antioxidant, enhancing its benefits.

For those who do not consume a lot of glutathione in their diet, which can be sourced from oranges, tomatoes, spinach, and watermelon, Reduced L-Glutathione can address a possible deficiency. When a deficiency does develop, individuals experience earlier signs of aging and possible muscular degeneration.

For athletes, this supplement is particularly useful as it helps reduce recovery time, increase endurance and strength, and enhance muscle development. Also acting as the body’s first line of defense, glutathione supports immune function and also helps the body maintain healthy cellular mitochondria.

Taking these benefits one step further, Reduced L-Glutathione offers a reduced state so that it can more effectively neutralize free radicals.