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Why Huperzine

Supports memory and learning enhancement. Also used for supporting healthy muscle development while also increasing alertness and energy.

Improve Mood + Cognition

Why Huperzine?

The research supporting huperzine surrounds the positive effects it has on cognition, memory, learning and general brain function.

With age-related neurological issues at the forefront of conversation in many health communities, we are all aware that proactive supplementation to maintain our cognition and memory should not be overlooked.

Huperzine is best taken as a supplement, further more, it’s most impactful when blended with other likeminded ingredients which can support your neurologic health.

This is the core reason it is present in our Brain Power supplement.

If you are looking to stay atop your work, studies or general life happenings, huperzine is something you should strongly consider adding to the mix.