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Green Tea Extract

500 mg

Green Tea Extract (95% green tea catechins)     

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Green Tea

Why Green Tea Extract

Green Tea is thought to be 100 times more effective than Vitamin C at protecting cells and their genetic material.

Neutralize Toxicity
Cell-Cycle Arrest
Apoptosis Support
Reduce Inflammation
Improve Mood + Cognition

Green Tea Extract

The tea tree, Camellia sinensis, is an evergreen that can grow to 30 feet in height, and yields both green and black tea. Green tea comes from steaming the freshly cut leaves, and black tea comes from allowing the leaves to oxidize.

Chinese legend dates the discovery of tea to about 4700 years ago, in the time of the mythical emperor/deity Shennong, who is believed to have found that a daily cup of tea could dissolve poisons in the body. If you visit the Yunnan Plateau in Southwestern China, you may see firsthand why it is sometimes called “the land of tea,” as some of the tea trees in the region are over a thousand years old.

Green tea contains a few different active components (polyphenols) that are thought to confer health benefits, the most potent being EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). One cup of green tea has about 300 to 400mg of polyphenols, only a small part of which is EGCG. Black tea has far fewer polyphenols, because during the oxidation process some of the polyphenols are inactivated.

In Asian cultures tea has been used for its medicinal effects for thousands of years, but interest in the West has only taken off since about 1995. Some studies have focused on EGCG alone, while others note that the combination of polyphenols and other phytochemicals in whole Green Tea may be more powerful than using just one component.

A number of human studies have been carried out on both brewed tea and Green Tea supplements.

It’s commonly known that Green Tea is an antioxidant, and it does lower inflammation. It is thought to be 100 times more effective than Vitamin C at protecting cells and preventing DNA damage. Green Tea also protects our cell membranes from binding to harmful signaling molecules that would otherwise disrupt normal cell function.

Green Tea supports:

  • Your ability to repair damaged DNA, so that mutations are repaired rather than being passed along. This was demonstrated in a human study in 2014.12
  • Cell-cycle arrest,4,5,10 as well as detoxification14
  • Like many other Curos ingredients (berberine, tocotrienols, Siliphos®)— Green Tea supports your cells’ ability to “self destruct” if they become damaged.  This natural function of cells is called “apoptosis,” and is a crucial layer of our natural healthy proceses. We’ve linked more than a dozen research articles on this topic that you can review below.1-14

Green Tea and Cognitive Function

Green Tea — like Lithium, Berberine and Tocotrienols– protects cognitive function.15 A 2016 paper found that Green Tea restores mitochondrial energy production in neurons.17 Green Tea has also been shown to lower stress and support a optimistic mental state in humans that is relaxed yet attentive, as measured by EEG.16

As always, form and dose matter too

When evaluating Green Tea extract, it’s important to look at not just the volume of product but also the concentration. Some companies cut corners and provide a 55% extract; you’ll want to make sure that you have a 70% extract (or higher).  Based on our review of the literature, we believe that whole Green Tea confers more support than EGCG alone.11 Therefore, for Curos Essential we have chosen 500mg of whole Green Tea extract, standardized to >95% polyphenols.