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Found In

Piper Nigrum, the Fruit of the Black Peppercorn

Why Bioperine

Supports the absorption of vitamins and nutrients, metabolism and cognition.

Reduce Inflammation
Improve Mood + Cognition

Why Bioperine?

Bioperine is an easily consumable form of piperine, which is the health active ingredient in black pepper. The ingredient has become a fan-favorite of health enthusiasts because of it’s remarkable benefits including cognitive health (brain) weight loss support and inflammation reduction.

While the ingredient is found in black pepper, which is on pretty much every dinner table, it is difficult to get a dose significant enough to have health supporting.

That is where bioperine comes in. It makes it easy to get all the benefits of piperine.  Often bioperine is paired with curcumin as it is a co-factor to increasing absorption and impact of curcumin.