The Ultimate Vitamin and Mineral Guide

Learn What to Look for When Choosing a Multivitamin
September 5, 2018
In an ideal world, everyone would eat a well-balanced diet and nutritional deficiencies wouldn’t exist. However, we all know that this is far from reality and for most, it is nearly impossible. As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on average, Americans only consume around one to two vegetables and one fruit daily. This has led to significant deficiencies, which have since been linked to a wide range...
A Comprehensive Guide to Green Tea Extract
September 4, 2018
There are plenty of ingredients on the market that claim to have amazing health benefits and one of the most popular is green tea extract. Green tea extract is made from a plant called the Camellia sinensis. While many people enjoy the benefits of drinking green tea, an easy way to get the advantages and health benefits is with green tea extract, which comes in a variety of forms like...
The Concise Guide to Vitamin B5: Why You Need It and Where to Find It
August 16, 2018
Also known as pantothenic acid, vitamin B5 is an essential nutrient for human health. The name "pantothenic acid" comes from the Greek word "pantothen," which means "everywhere." And, indeed, vitamin B5 is nearly everywhere around you. Most of the foods you eat have a certain amount of pantothenic acid. That's because this nutrient is essential for all forms of life, so it's present in almost all plants and animals. The human body needs...
What Is Boron and What Are Its Health Benefits?
August 12, 2018
Boron is a chemical element found in soil, rocks and water. It's essential for the growth of plants and for the health of many animals. Though this element is not a vitamin or an essential nutrient like iron, magnesium or calcium, boron might be essential for human health. Researchers have substantial evidence that boron helps convert vitamin D into the active form the body can use, plays a role in calcium and...
Everything You Need to Know About Methylcobalamin (or Vitamin B12)
August 11, 2018
A lack of methylcobalamin can cause severe damage to the body, including irreversible neurological harm. Methylcobalamin is a form of vitamin B12, the most complex vitamin. Traditionally, vitamin B12 supplements and fortified foods have used cyanocobalamin or hydroxocobalamin. But the human body cannot use these substances directly in metabolism. First, it has to transform them into an active form, like methylcobalamin. That's why some vitamin B12 supplements now use methylcobalamin. Most people that eat...
Erythritol: A Perspective on The Benefits and The Dangers of This Common Sugar Substitute
August 8, 2018
It's likely that you've consumed this sugar substitute without even knowing it. Erythritol is probably already in the food you eat so it pays to understand what exactly it is, how it’s made, and the potential health consequences. This article will give you all the background you need to better understand your diet and make more informed choices. We’ll also discuss several other sugar alternatives to consider as well. So...
You Are Probably Vitamin D Deficient – Here Is What to Do About It
November 21, 2017
75% of us Are Vitamin D Deficient For many of us who live in areas of the country that do not get ample exposure to natural sunlight, adequate amounts of Vitamin D are much harder to come by naturally. The symptoms of being vitamin D deficient are bone pain and muscle weakness. You also may experience fatigue which is a very common effect of Vitamin D deficiency. Even without the symptoms...
Dietary Supplements: Why Form, Dose and Quality Matter
November 13, 2017
Dietary Supplement Quality: What you really need to know about your supplements is not as easy to figure out as it should be. We want to help you stop wasting your money, time and potentially health on dietary supplements that dont work. There are very few supplements on the market that are providing you with the four major items you should be concerned with. Those are, what kind of vitamin...
Is Curos Essential Right For You? 6 Questions to Help You Decide.
September 20, 2017
QUESTION 1 What is Curos Essential? Curos Essential is a daily supplement of the most essential vitamins and minerals designed to support the long-term health of your cells. Unlike other products which include dozens of ingredients you may or may not need, Essential includes only the ingredients specifically intended to support your essential biological processes in your body as you age. These ingredients are combined to address your body's biological...
VIDEO: Essential Daily Nutrients Your Body Needs
September 19, 2017
So, you want to learn more about daily nutrients. Dr. Trutt and I are thrilled you have taken a minute to watch our first video. Over the coming months, we will be producing a lot more! I mention that I do this for my dad, if you want to read more about how Curos was started, please click here. If you have any topics you would like Dr. Trutt to...
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