What Is a Physical Therapist and How Can They Help You Feel Your Best
May 11, 2018
What Is A Physical Therapist I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Matt Rome to discuss physical therapy and how it can help you feel your best. It started with a simple question, "what is a physical therapist?"  As you know, I am always interested in knowing how to support ourselves to be the healthiest and happiest version. We have talked about healthy cookies, superfoods and premium ingredients....
How To Start Meditating Today Easily With Real Results
December 4, 2017
How To Start Meditating Today You can easily start meditating today and see the results immediately. When I started learning about meditation it was overwhelming and confusing not to mention hard. Over the many years I have been practicing I have learned a number of things that I often share with people who ask me 'how do I start meditating?' I have shared some of my insight in the video...
Meet Dina Kaplan, Founder of The Path
August 23, 2017
Before meditation started to become trendy on the East coast, Dina Kaplan, an avid meditator and world traveler, founded The Path, a weekly, modern-day meditation gathering held throughout New York City.  Today, the community has become part of the larger wellness movement and even launched a teacher training program.  Here, Dina discusses her spiritual journey and quest for making a peaceful impact on busy New Yorkers. You were one of...
Meet Elise Gasbarrino, Founder of the Pink Pearl Foundation
July 19, 2017
Meet Elise Gasbarrino, Founder of the Pink Pearl Foundation, a community-oriented organization that provides support, facilitates connections and empowers young women who are courageously overcoming the social and emotional challenges of being diagnosed with cancer.  As a cancer survivor herself, we're inspired by her fearlessness, and ability to use her personal experience to others.  Here, she tells her story, gives important advice on how to support loved ones who are battling cancer...
5 Tips for Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder While Living in NYC
July 14, 2017
New York City is a scary place, and that’s before you factor OCD into the equation. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, arguably the most frequently misunderstood mental illness, affects 1.2% of the adult population in this country – myself included.  For some, OCD makes it impossible to step on cracks in the cement. For others, it means checking the stove 12 times before leaving the house, and then coming home to check...
Being Busy Doesn’t Always Mean Success, Even As A Freelancer
July 3, 2017
Success Doesn't Follow Being Busy... Growing up, I hated not being busy and was obsessed with the idea of success. I felt like if I didn't have a jam-packed schedule I was just being lazy. This mentality continued in my adult life. With the structure of a 9-5, I was able to keep my schedule clean with plenty of time off, but once I entered the world of freelance writing...
Meet Dr. Josh Trutt, Curos Chief Medical Officer
June 30, 2017
We're excited to  introduce you to our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Josh Trutt.  Known for merging Western technology with Eastern alternative therapies, he's a true pioneer in the medical field.  His journey through medicine is fascinating and as an advocate for wellness, his efforts are noble to say the least.  Here, he talks about his start in Emergency Medicine and how he now treats individuals holistically through genetic testing, acupuncture, supplements, and advanced procedures such as stem...
10 Best Red, White & Blue Recipe Ideas on Pinterest Right Now
June 29, 2017
July 4th Recipe Ideas Believe it or not, Independence Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning an obligatory red, white and blue concoction to bring to your holiday celebration. While your go-to American flag-inspired cake is awesome, here’s some inspiration from Pinterest to make this year a bit more unique. From DIY popsicles and frozen bananas to firecracker pretzel rods and fruit kebabs, we’ve...
6 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Office
June 28, 2017
Organize your life, find peace in the places you spend the most time. Offices are the last place you need clutter. Although it can be difficult to keep a space you’re constantly working in organized, it’s incredibly important. Working in a disorganized office is stressful, distracting and hindering not only to your career, but also to your health. We spoke with top experts to find out the best organize and...
9 Super-Successful People Share Exactly What They Do Before Bed
June 27, 2017
When you spend all day running around, it makes sense that you’d feel like collapsing on top of your bed without even brushing your teeth or changing into your PJs. But a pre-bedtime routine can set you up for a good night’s sleep, like it does for these successful people as well as a great day tomorrow. Here, nine super-successful people in the wellness space, who work truly hard for a...
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