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7 Superfoods You Need To Know

David A. Goldberg March 29, 2018

With over 15 years of passionate diet experimentation under my belt, I have learned a great deal about the shortcuts we should all know about.  In the video below I explore and discuss 7 Superfoods You Need To Know That Won’t Break the Bank:

1. Spirulina

2. Hemp Seeds

3. Rishi Mushrooms

4. Macca Powder

5. Chia Seeds

6. Acai

7. Shilijit

Superfoods are an easy and effective way to boost the nutritional power of our everyday meals and snacks. You can find them in high quality at grocery stores and specialty shops virtually everywhere in the world, generally at affordable prices.

While in Ubud, Bali I spent time with the incredible team at Sayuri’s Healing Foods Cafe. They are a destination for chefs, pastry chefs and aspiring home cooks alike. Teaching and serving the best foods from the raw, vegan world.

In this video, I explore the 7 Superfoods YOU Need to Know. Enjoy!

Video Transcript

The 7 Super foods every wellness and fitness enthusiast should know:

David: Hey guys so I’m standing here outside of Sayuri healing food cafe in Ubud Bali. As you know there’s nowhere in the world that I won’t go, to learn more about how we can support our health and how we can naturally fight fatigue every day of our lives. This place is very unique because not only is it a restaurant but it’s also one of the most revered cooking schools for professional chefs, pastry chefs and home cooks alike to learn more about how they can use raw ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle every day in their own kitchens. I came here today to literally learn what we can about fighting fatigue in the most natural pure ways that you can do at home. So, let’s go into Sayuri see what’s going on.


David: So here again with Ella of Sayuri healing food in Ubud Bali and we’re going to take a couple minutes to talk about superfoods. So, I know if people watching this or anything like me we are seeing articles and watching videos constantly about superfoods. I would love for you as both a naturopath and a chef to kind of just share with us a little bit what is a superfood.


Ella: Yes. Super foods are foods with a very high nutrient density and low calorific, that’s the idea. That’s the definition of a super food and there’s all to in ancient traditions in ancient Chinese medicine in Ayurveda but also in our Western health traditions there are lots of herbs and a lot of foods that support health as opposed to fighting disease. So, we know medicine, we know our aspirins and we know all of things that are fighting disease. So, I have a certain thing and then I’ll eat something and they can make it better, thank You Liz and so and so forth but we don’t know very much about how to support good health or to build immunity and these ancient traditions especially in Chinese medicine. They have a whole family of tonic herbs they call them and they are meant to support health and also in the Amazonas a lot the healers. They also work with their versions of these foods and they are supporting Heorot and building immunity and that is first really interesting in daily life but I want to add these to my foods, to my smoothies, to my salad, to my dressings and just give me that little bit more help and support me in what I’m trying to do.

David: And I love that, I love the way that you put that because you know for us we talk a lot about this which is it is about supporting health, it’s about looking on the positive, looking on the optimistic and of course when you know we need things we have those advancements medicine but every day how are we supporting our body to do its job better and superfoods are an incredible way that you can just kind of leave you said amplify all of that good stuff and I’d love for you to share with us. It looks like you selected five of maybe some of your favorite? The four in is okay we’re fine maybe you share with us. Why don’t we start over here with this spirulina?

Ella: Absolutely not, yes. So, spirulina is a blue-green alga and it’s you can farm it wildly or you could even fun it or you can collect it wildly and it is considered to be one of the strongest proteins on the planet so it’s the foods with the highest protein level. I was reading the other day that they also pretty busy in the space. So it’s suppose that they will give astronaut so our space example and it’s all food algae we love adding it just to give us all the essential amino acids that we need to, essential amino acids and ones that I need to take into a food work that I can’t build myself, my body can build everything itself or anything apart from a few things that I need to give it to them my food and especially in the vegan world we’re always saying a little attention to protein but as much as we’re being told we should because we’re always being told we need so much protein. The truth is a little lower than that, really does it great I’d like for that.

David: And can we talk a little bit like one of the things they remember reading about spirulina is its ability also to help your body balance ph. Is that true so I like to move you away from acidic into basic state?

Ella: Hemp is another one that does that as well. So, protein rich foods per say usually increased acidity new levels in my body. So, if I’m eating meat, it is considered what we call increasing and yes so absolutely sterling and they are high protein sources that actually do not do that, they help balance out.

David: Which I think is a really important point because this is all about fatigue. That’s why we’re talking is to try to figure out how can we really beat petite but that also means getting a good night’s sleep, right? I think a lot of people kind of underestimate the value of a really good night’s rest and for me at least I noticed when I was eating meat that if ate it before bed, that I would sleep as well and yet I felt like I needed to eat that all or now I’ve kind of changed my diet and it’s a really interesting point that there’s ways that we can still get that protein that we need or that we feel like we might need but without all of that acidity building up in our body. What else do you got for us?

Ella: You were talking about a good sleep.

David: Yes

Ella: And I think that is absolutely crucial of good sleep heals most things really and heartbreak but also all sorts of things that headache just go to bed and sleep of it.

David: Yes

Ella: And rishi is another really, really interesting superfood. It is a tonic herb, comes from Chinese medicine and we were talking about this earlier and the Chinese they consider tonic herbs. So once that support health to be superior due to the ones that help you that combat disease because they say you let it get that far and so we now need to treat you with something stronger for their disease but these ones, these tonic herbs they are actually much more superior and rishi is a mushroom, grows on trees and it is considered the Emperor of the tonic herbs and it helps balance a lot of things. It is an adaptogen. I don’t know how well I know that word is. An adaptogen more so,

David: Yes

Ella: Is a trial visit, it’s a product that is going to – it provides the building blocks of your immune building cells, yes. So, it really helps your body physically also emotionally but also physically to build up your immune system and with that and that’s why sometimes we read these claims they think the adaptogens will do whatever you need right now, a little like well how it knows we’re used to you know headache aspirin, okay it knows. And it knows because it’s building up your immune system from the other side or giving your body the possibility of already.

David: Right and they it actually tastes quite good.

Ella: Well it’s a mushroom

David: Yes, I like it maybe…

Ella: It’s been extracted. So, in its pure form, it’s a little bitter

David: Is it?

Ella: And we’ll make a tea with it and then once you finish the tea, then this is the leftover mushroom from the tea, yes, and so this has been going a little more pleasant.

David: Right.

Ella: Yes, you can make lattes with it pretty so many.

David: What if those are maca?

Ella: Yes, and it and it helps with sleep

Ella: Yes, so this is a great one to have any evening. Yes, so it’s good to read up on these things and see what it actually does because then if it’s activating all my senses that I might not want to have it certainly evening, but this song is great one good sleep. Macca, so tomorrow is now really well known now all over the world I think now and it’s the birthday superfood for raw foodists we love it. It’s a root vegetable; it’s actually from the radish family.

David: Really?

Ella: Yes

David: All right

Ella: Really, we’re sealing it, but it doesn’t miss the radish at all. We’d love it because it tastes so delicious. It has this Caramelly multi reliever to it.

David: Oh, does it keep better to me.

Ella: Yes, so this fruity caramel chaotic yes and it’s also an adaptogen. We were talking about adaptogen store ready already and it’s because this energy but it gives us a long-lasting energy. Yes, so also when we’re talking about 40 adding something like this to your smoothie instead of adding just a dash of sweetener to give me a quick energy it’s going to give me Montaigne and it balanced out the hormonal system.

Ella: Yes

David: It has to be taken a little carefully. It does quite perturb, it’s quite strong and so we always say star off with half a teaspoon. So, I don’t think the more the better.

Ella: Right

David: Yes, so I’m going to make you a smoothie, I’m going to add this all in one row, that’s actually a little bit of a shame because the body can only absorb so much in one go.

Ella: Right

David: And then it would be a really expensive smoothie and it will just go straight through.

Ella: Right

David: So, I like to always choose one. It also makes me think about what do really need right now?

Ella: Right

David: So, my smoothie is not just from a recipe because someone said oh this is the coolest, really.

Ella: Right

David: But although also thinking okay what I need right now yeah, I’ve got a long day in front of me I need some stamina

Ella: Right

David: Well maybe I don’t maybe I’m going to go and have a meditation session all day then I’m definitely going to need a different food and if I was going to run a marathon

Ella: Yes, and that’s one of the things that I really love about this whole food approach and really the approach here Sayuri to food which is thinking about what am I trying to get out of this eating experience not just eating because it tastes delicious now everything here it tastes incredible but you have the opportunity to say am I going to work out, am I going to, I need say nourishing and grounding and I’ll just share my experience with Marcus. I do use it, I tend to cycle it I don’t know if that’s common but I’ll go like three days on three days off just because I find it to be a little bit more effective and also that energy is significant. And also, for guys out there are hormonal balancing, it’s well-known in the holistic world as being a great additive for your libido and for your energy and your masculinity. So, it’s a wonderful thing to add and I really love it. So, thanks for bringing that one out, that’s one of my favorites and then what do we have here?

David: Yes, you were talking about this cycling.

Ella: Yes

David: I think it was really an interesting aspect. So, I was talking about this yesterday which meant as what we were saying up we have phases. Yes, so I realized my body needs something or I’m in a life phase right now or activity of stress or whatever of next libido or so different things of fatigue via and then I’m going to observe that and I’m going to do everything I can to encounter that’s in to see if I can balance it out a little bit but then maybe after three weeks, it’s going to change.

Ella: Right

David: And so often I’ll just get something, I think I mean what do I need right now, get a package of something and I’ll just eat that all the time.

Ella: That’s right

But then I’m done with it. Now let’s go same way with fruit vegetables. For me, when I grew up in Europe its strawberries and asparagus coming spring yes, these first things. So, I’m going to eat strawberries in the sky every single day until I’m sick of them but funnily enough that moment is the same with strawberries and asparagus being out of season.

David: Right

Ella: Does this phase it’s you’re at four to six weeks or and then the next one comes in too soon. So, I think we should be doing this as well

David: And I just need to stay there for a second because I think it’s such a wonderful point which is the first is above that point that you make just about being aware of your own body and how you make the decisions that are best for you and to me that has been such a learning really affecting like we just talked about the greatest gift that yoga has given to me is this physical practice this workout became so much more continuum and awareness of what was happening within myself physically, emotionally and spiritually whatever it might be and all of these things are just beautiful tools right and I appreciate the fact that you call that out so specifically because I think about so many people who might be going through something right now maybe it’s really intense you know, maybe it’s a loved one got sick or heartbreak or something and yes do you have to experience that and go through it but there’s also all these wonderful tools that can hate you in that journey and it’s not about masking the feeling. It’s about actually curing yourself in the inside, the thing that we need most often. So, I appreciate you sharing that and I know you got one more for us which I keep saying its two but it’s really one. So, I share it with us.

Ella: It’s a wild berries

David: Okay

Ella: Simply but the world wild is informed theatre and so where I lived in Northern Europe for a while, they have the most beautiful forests in northern Germany and we have these wild blueberries. Pick these well in various now amazing that his real power houses. We milk them and you just eat this little handful and you can just feel what that is magic and acai and goji are two southern American versions of wild berries. They are, I chose these two because one of them is very tight in we know this is so well yes, they are saying bowls, are say smoothies are so everywhere at the moment and its very tart sour and it has a lot of vitamin C. So we could always remember tart berries while a lot of it – Mercia it’s like the vitamin C from them and so we can remember that and the other one so the maca is a little softer and it is extremely high in antioxidants and is considered to fruit or the very with the higher level antioxidants which is reading up and so really good again that your mane system and he can’t autocratic radicals and I’m really just giving my body what it needs to do the fighting. I don’t want to do the fighting for it, you know so much better than I do so I’m just going to give it all it needs to do that

David: To the other thing that I would be remiss if I didn’t point out just that I’ve noticed especially in places where acai bowls that become very common. Is I’ve noticed in particular that often times the sugar content that they’re using to balance out that tartness, is so overwhelming that just be really conscious of that if you’ve seen outside evil on a menu even more likely than not unless it’s really consciously prepared he’s going to be stocked full of sugar. So, something to be aware of but really incredible stuff here one of the things I would love to ask if there because maybe you can share with us just some thoughts. You know that we can put together later around how people can use these in their everyday diet. One thing I am particularly interested in which maybe you can answer for us is how would you use ratio?

Ella: Okay.

David: Absolutely smoothies delicious, the same as spirulina. They’re not particularly delicious on their own but he didn’t in a smoothie little drop of lemon oil on top of the 100 inns or adding banana to it or a sweep through to it that will hide everything absolutely but I could also put this in a salad dressing. So, anything that I’d wear I want that much room taste, I could add that to that as well. So, in a savory dish it doesn’t have to be the chief button mushroom. I could add a little Richie powder into yes sauces dressings, dishes, curries.

David: That’s my things I love about you which is where the natural path meets chef. Is you’re like well it doesn’t particularly taste good and you’re honest about it. It is so important because if we’re really going adopt these this practices into our life we need to make sure that there is sustainable.

David: We want to do that, so super foods will share with you guys a little bit more in terms of how you can incorporate these, where you might be able to find them but hello thank you for sharing your thoughts here and we’ll check in later.


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