Mom that Fought and Beat Brain Cancer

Lori B December 10, 2016

According to her doctors, Heather Knies’ chances of beating her brain cancer were slim. Apparently, the cancer that afflicted Heather was one of the deadliest. What they didn’t take into consideration was her incredible determination and the will to not only survive, but also thrive.

When Did Your Symptoms Appear?

Twenty-four-year-old Heather first suspected something was wrong in 2005 when she left her job at a dermatology office to drive home. She remembers that the white lines on the highway confused her. She didn’t know why they were there. She was so frightened that she called her mother. The following day, the doctor she worked for insisted she see a specialist. Thus began her battle with her first brain tumor. After undergoing surgery and months of oral chemotherapy, the latest MRI showed that she had won her fight against cancer.

After Conquering Your First Bout With a Brain Tumor, How Did You Feel When You Were Diagnosed With a Stage IV Glioblastoma?

Heather was disheartened to discover a year later that the MRI showed white flares, which indicated that the tumor had returned. After undergoing more testing, she was diagnosed with a stage IV glioblastoma, a very aggressive form of brain cancer. She didn’t agree with the pessimistic statistics that the disease is almost always fatal. She never contemplating dying because she simply didn’t believe it would happen. Her determination never wavered.

How Can You Encourage Others to Stay Positive Despite Dismal Odds?

Heather attributes her own optimism, the positive encouragement from loved ones and her strong spirituality with helping her battle the disease. She doesn’t believe that anyone with cancer should allow the number of days they are destined to live to be dictated by medical statistics. At one time, the doctors gave her a life expectancy of six months — her survival years later still amazes the physicians. These days, she is a happily married woman with a healthy little girl. Every day on this earth, she counts her blessings that she never gave up and that her optimism and determination helped her defy the odds.

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