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Top 5 Self Improvement Books You Should Read Right Now

Lindsay Tigar June 19, 2017

Top 5 Self Improvement Books You Should Read Right Now

Before you begin to roll your eyes at the thought of yet another ‘self-help’ book that promises to deliver a miracle, bear with us. Yes, reading self-improvement books can help get you through difficult times, but they also empower even the most successful and positive people.  From helping you cope with the aftermath of a bad breakup or a loss to acting as inspiration to take a leap of faith into the unknown and let go of old negative thinking that’s holding you back, reading motivational wisdom from experts holds a ton of power.  If you’re not sure where to begin on your Amazon shopping spree, let these recommendations for life-changing self-help books inspire your search.

For Letting Go of Fear: The Bravest You

You’ve heard it before: the opposite of faith is fear. And while that’s catchy and all, dissolving your anxieties is tough process. Entrepreneur and life coach, Adam Kirk Smith created a 5-step process to encourage your gusto, as these pages lead you through complacency, inspiration, fear, passion and of course, bravery. If you’re struggling to identify your goals and passions, this book will help release you from feeling stuck and enable you to strut down a brighter path.

For When You’re Worrying About the Future: Pause: Harnessing the Life-Changing Power Of Giving Yourself a Break

Maybe you have a milestone birthday coming up and you feel like you’ve been behind the pack. Or, you’ve set a goal for yourself and you’re not quite on track to meet it. Whatever forward-thinking mentality has you feeling anxious, this book by leadership and executive coach, Rachel O’Meara will inspire you to breathe. Or more specifically, pause. As a sales executive at Google, she’s learned that oftentimes, hitting a mental and literal ‘pause’ button will ease your nerves to ensure you see the big picture.

For When You Need Inspiration: What’s Your Creative Type?

Adjunct professor at Emerson College and renowned writer, Meta Wagner discovered that CEOs, award-winning actors and other successful people all had one common thread that connects them: they weren’t afraid to tap into their creativity. Regardless of which medium you choose, from canvas to a boardroom, leaning into your imagination will not only help you accomplish your goals, but will make you happier, too. You’ll start discovering the creative outlets that work for you via quizzes, and then figure out how to live your life and career more fully.

For Quitting Your Job For a Side Hustle: Real Artists Don’t Starve: Timeless Strategies For Thriving in the New Creative Age

So, you’re logging those 9-5 (or 6 or 7) hours at your full-time gig, but your heart is elsewhere. Maybe it’s in the Etsy business that’s steadily growing, 0r the savings account that you know could opening up your own coffee shop. With this book, you will be reminded that not only will you not be homeless if you quit your boring desk job, but you’ll be more successful than you could ever imagine.  Just take it from author Jeff Goins, who has done it himself.

For Getting You Out of a Rut: The Artist’s Way

Before you judge a book by it’s cover or tagline remember that countless successful artists and authors have sworn by this 1992 self-help classic. With a cult-following, including Eat, Pray, Love author, Elizabeth Gilbert (who said her best-selling book would have never been written if it wasn’t for The Artist’s Way), this part-book, part-workbook will help you get out your head and into your genius.

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