10 Signs You May Be Vitamin D Deficient, According to A Naturopathic Doctor

Jamie Stone August 2, 2017 You Should Know

In the modern world we live in, where everyone is inside watching Netflix and playing on Instagram all day, almost everyone is Vitamin D deficient.  However, there are certain symptoms you might be experiencing that can be signs that you’re more deficient than the average person. Trust us, once you realize that taking a high-dose of a vitamin D supplement can fix everything, you’ll be wishing you figured it out sooner.

“Honestly, this (Vitamin D) is something I do a general screen for in every patient, and if a patient has normal levels it is shocking, because pretty much everybody is deficient now,” explains Dr. Sharon Stills, Naturopathic Medical Doctor.  “I also find patients who are told their levels are ‘normal’ when they are at 33 or 40 (the lab range is 30-100), but this is still not an optimal level range; which are closer to 65-70.  Cancer patients and auto-immune patients should be closer to 100.”

Here are 10 signs you might need to start taking Vitamin D supplements.

1. Bone pain

2. Frequent fractures

3. Muscle weakness

4. Fatigue

5. “Foggy” thinking

6. Depression

7. Insomnia

8. Obesity

9. Low immune function

10. A history of active cancer

If you have some of these symptoms and don’t know what’s causing them, consult your doctor and get blood work done.  Then, per your doctor’s recommendation, start taking an over-the-counter Vitamin D3 supplement.  Eating foods high in Vitamin D like eggs, fatty salmon, mackerel and Portobello mushrooms will help as well.  However, Stills cautions that it’s hard to get your levels up with food alone, so make sure to consult your doctor for best next steps.