A New Ethos for Care

Every day our bodies create cancerous cells. Get the only product specifically formulated to support your body in its fight.

Curos was born from a real life problem. My dad was diagnosed with Grade IV Glioblastoma, and I wanted him to feel better.

Beyond western care, fitness and diet, I knew there had to be more we could do. I looked to the holistic world and began researching nutritional supplements for cancer. I quickly became overwhelmed by complexity and misinformation, and started contacting experts for help.

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After talking to dozens of doctors and wellness professionals, I found the one person whom I trusted, Dr. Josh Trutt. He has spent a lifetime doing the necessary research and actually practicing medicine with people in similar situations as my dad. Over the months we spent developing a protocol for him, Dr. Trutt and I agreed this process could be much easier.

Together we’ve developed a nutraceutical specifically formulated to support the healthy functions of your body. Curos exists to make what was nearly an impossible task for me, easy for you.

David Goldberg
Our Nutraceutical
The exclusive Curos Essential nutraceutical is specially formulated to support healthy cellular function - in real people, not just in a lab. Driven by decades of research, it’s developed from the best raw ingredients available worldwide, and encapsulated in the US.

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Monthly Care Package
Curos Essential arrives in a monthly care package including hand-selected products that help reduce stress and keep spirits high. New gifts each month are a reminder that we want you better.

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Curos is the next step in empowering patients to heal themselves and each other. I could not be more proud to be a part of this revolution.

In 2001, my grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and asked me if she should get chemotherapy. When I said she shouldn't, she had just one more question: "So, Josh... is this it?" Four months later she was gone, and I couldn't help but wonder whether there was something more I should have offered her.

I began researching supplements, and discovered an entire world that had never even been mentioned in medical school. That world became my hobby, and then my passion. Sixteen years later, David Goldberg called to ask me if I'd like to make use of the thousands of research papers I had accumulated, to create the supplements I wish I could have given my grandmother.

Dr. Josh Trutt, MD

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